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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SPEAKS FOR ITSELF: Jesus Art At Its Best

Banksy: Jesus With Shopping Bags (2005).
One year of Hot-For-Jesus Former Fundie come and gone. Spirals... circles that circle each other. No such thing as coming full-circle. Spirals are where it's at.

And this will have to do while I gather my skirts from the deep curtsy toward his hallowed frame.

A year ago, I came home from the movie "I'm Not There" and without any prior knowledge of blogs... never having read one... decided it was time for me to tell my story about going from hard-core Jesus fan to hard-core Hot-For-Jesus. I have nothing more to say about that movie other than it yanked at something, and it yanked HARD.

So Here We Are?

There is so much to hammer out about how JC wasn't, and isn't, all that he's cracked up to be, and how we humans are more than we care to know. I suspect he'll keep me busy either blowing him, or blowing him off, (reader's preference) for quite some time.

My sacrilegious bones continue to dance.

And what better way to celebrate the coming of his resurrection (Dec. 25thish) approximately 3 days after his burial (winter solstice-ish) than to laud an artist who combines my Lust for Graffiti, Art, Capitalist-Skepticism, and Jesus all in one spectacular spectacle.

Keep spiralling. I'll keepwriting.
Go here to check out the place I originally found this at Artificial Gallery. Go here to see more of Banksy's work.


Seeing Eye Chick said...

I remember years ago, when I finally walked away from Christianity. Many many years ago. I just couldnt spend another moment in fear. And I felt that most of the fear was generated by that belief. And I knew in that momnent, there were no hard feelings, I just didnt belong there. I can remember many Christians exclaiming that, "I hope you make your peace with that." The connotation being, that it was, the walking away, that created turmoil, and not in fact that I was extracting myself from the turmoil.

In that moment, it was as if I lost the powers to speak plain English. Nothing I could say to anyone would make sense to them. They couldnt hear me through their church filter.

Donn Coppens said...

I too had a A peace that surpasses all understanding when I left the fold and decided to stray forevermore.

During the Hollowdays I usually rant on ad infinitum about the litany of historical evidence that unfavourably depicts a series of political actions that cemented the 25th of December as the exact date that an unwed hebrew virgin gave birth to the incarnation of the Creator of the Universe...gasp

However, this year I am changing tactics and focussing on the psychological implications of modern humans' unfettered attachment issues regarding their desire to vicariously connect with the ultimate entity.

What exactly is so terrifying about being a inordinately clever multicellular bipedal Primate?
It sure-as-hell could have been a lot oh I don't know a Turkey!

My seasonally induced frustration is best encapsulated by my catchphrase, and everybody should have one, which is If you are overtly Diagnostic about Religion, you'll prolly Die Agnostic.

cue Andy Williams:
"It's the most per-plexing time of the year"

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Its not their desire to connect with some ineffable force or consciousness that bothers me. Its the dogma that developes around that desire, as if anyone could tell anyone else 1. to do it, or 2. how to do it.

I have plenty of my own unverifiable, paranormal experiences to draw upon. I dont need to foist them on others and I sure as hell wish they would have the same consideration for me.

Having someone proselytize at times feels like a hard cell for some seriously twisted form of Crypto-Taxanomy.

No thanks. I already have a 3 headed dog. I dont need a bipedal goat man with a pitchfork.

YogaforCynics said...

Was just watching this documentary called "Hell House" about these fundie haunted houses, depicting people committing sins (like having abortions or playing Magic: The Gathering) and then suffering the torments of Hell. My favorite is the girl who, having been raped by her father, commits suicide--ooh, she was really asking for it, wasn't she? It just stuns me to think of the raw hatred and cruelty at the base of such a disgusting excuse for spirituality--as bad as the fundie Muslims who would rather let girls burn to death than let them out of a burning building not properly covered up....

And yet, of course, these people will find your Jesus-with-shopping-bags offensive and sacreligious....

Take it as a compliment.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

The Commercialization of any religion is crass. Period. When people pick religion the way a yuppie might pick a handbag or a shade of lipstick or couch-art, then its not really religion, its an accessory. An Accent to color your life and little else. And from there, an excuse to justify hatreds and shortcomings as godly or holy or whatever.

I have respect for true mystics, but most are recluses to boot and avoid the rest of humanity for a variety of reasons. One being that they recognize that innate desire to skin their ass to make that sexy-holy handbag.

A girl that commits suicide after being raped by her father.

I wonder what kind of crow any of them will eat when they are suffering PTSD and all that goes with it, Rape related or other.

Christine Vyrnon said...

Donn: you're onto something with the "Hollowdays" questions. I'm guessing our obsession with being "attached" to some father/mother figure has something to do with the "terrifying" old-school-psychology fear-of-abandonment problem we humans still haven't figured out.

SeeingEyeChick: I'm familiar with the "making peace" comeback... and you describe the difference well... between what they perceive to be the turmoil of no longer being christian vs the letting go of the turmoil of being a christian. I just butchered that. And yes... religion as a commodity = thumbs down.

Yogaforcynics: thanks for the "Hell House" reminder. I've heard about it. Will dig for it in the stacks. Reminds me of the Jack Chick witnessing tracts... among other scare tactics I've yet to tackle. Anything to turn one sip of alcohol, one night of dancing, one white lie into the slippery slope heading into the gates of hell. (jack chick reference/link)

Kelly said...

Hilarious post. You make the sad truth funny. Love the jesus with shopping bags pic. This my first visit to your blog. This is a funny ass site.

FrodoSaves said...

Ah, you may criticize, but at least Jesus is out there shopping and stimulating the economy! Actually, no, he's not helping. Have you seen that video circulating of a Baptist congregation in Detroit praying for economy? Because that's always a viable alternative to getting out there and doing something...

Christine Vyrnon said...

Frodo: :)

It must suck to be Jesus and have to carry the weight of free-market capitalism on his shoulders, among other things. He may not be stimulating the economy, but i still find him very stimulating:)

YogaforCynics said...

Oh, God I love Jack Chick tracts! Especially the one on Christian rock, where a band signs a contract with a guy named Lew Siffer (get it?) who outlines the whole Satanic rock music strategy...I had no idea!

Seeing Eye Chick said...

It would have been funny if it had been Lew Sniffer.

The egregore of Jesus. :(

Pity some people use it as a landfill rather than a wellspring.