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Friday, August 21, 2009

Jesus Statue Beheaded In 'Sconi: I DIDN'T DO IT!

"Head of Christ" by Richard Hook  The original Hot4Jesus inspiration.
St. Joseph's Church in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is minus one marble head of Jesus. His body remains intact.

True, I collect Jesus art. Above is the Jesus head that started it all. I couldn't help but slap that caption on my handsome thrift store find - and the rest is herstory.

Let me make myself perfectly clear: IT WASN'T ME who sawed off Jesus' head for my growing collection.

This is NOT the type of head I'm accustomed to taking from Wisconsin!

Besides, from what I can tell of the story, the head that was stolen may have been a Baby Jesus head. Believe it or not, I don't like them THAT young. I don't have a single Baby Jesus in my collection - and would like to keep it that way for awhile.

read it and weep:
Head stolen from Jesus statue in SE Wisconsin church (8/19 Star Tribune).

(old pic - will refresh with new one once my camera's battery refreshes itself)


Rhiannon said...

Hi Christine,

I'm glad I accidently found your blog site via yoga for cynics blog.

I too was "born" and raised from a very fundamental baptist family. Almost everyone but myself is still wrapped up in it..or "became" "one" once was pushed and shoved and pounded into us on a hourly daily basis as children. It was not as mellow or peaceful as your parents way of how they treated the family (from what I can tell upon some of your written post or comments)as we were yelled and screamed at and beaten a lot..mostly me because I hated it and "rebelled" in order to save my "soul"..just my take on why I always spoke up and was the "Trouble maker" so called black sheep.

Well, I am the only "outsider" in my family have been for years as I would not "Submit" so I am "a bad bad sinner" and not loved nor cared about by them..I'm rather non existant to them and have been for more than 25 years..other than a few rare contacts.

There's much much more to my I am sure there is to I won't continue to ramble on here for very much.

I relate to so much of your sarcasm and wit in your blog in relation to "the fundies"..I've not seen much "good" out of fundies...mostly cruelty bossy, "Holier than thou" total hypocrisy. However there are a few christians that I know that are true loving caring people. Many I've met throughout my life are mean, gun totting hard drinking tough smoking "born again"..go figure! I've never been able to.

Nice blog...and I so know how you might feel...welcome to the club..:o)

Blessings (meant spiritually not in any way religious)


Seeing Eye Chick said...

So Christine... you mean to tell me that you are not a big fan of Taledega Nights and their obessession with praying to the Baby Jesus at 7lbs 9oz?


Jesus head makes terrible stone soup stock. Often times I have found them to be composite materials and they smell sort of plasticky when heated. That and it stares at you. Creepy!

[just kidding] I wouldnt deface someone else's religious statuary. Not even the tacky ones.

NM Illuminati said...

Very nice blog. Glad to finally see someone who sees things in a similar vein.

I like plastic Santa heads better.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Oh Come On Illuminati--You goobered up those letters, you meant plastic Satan heads right?


Yard Gnomes are the best. I use them to hold the babies down while I render them for candle fat. But that is a whole other Jerry Springer Episode!

Christine Vyrnon said...

SEC: the baby Jesus prayer was the closest thing to genius in that entire movie.

NM Illuminati: Welcome!

Rhiannon: I've been thinking about your comment for many moons:) Seriously - I haven't forgotten it! I'm so glad you're Out - and I'm so glad to meet you! Thank you for sharing what you have so far. We need all the encouragement and story-telling we can get. The de-conversion site listed in the side-bare is another site you might want to check out. And I seriously owe yoga-for-cynics Dr. Jay - like half my royalties - and loyal readers - so thank you to him and you ... god bless us everyone.

Lydia said...

I clicked over here from Jay's blog too. It takes me a long time sometimes! Lotta great stuff here that I find totally enjoyable. And sane!
The darn link to the newspaper article isn't operating now... :(

achrome said...
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Nicole said...
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