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Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Gasps of 2012 Women's History Month

One for the Ages: Classy Female Submission to Jesus
I got a little weirded-out a week or so ago.  I rented the movie "Young Adult" because... Charlize Theron? Boredom? It was still officially Winter?  I can't remember.  Then the beginning credits informed me it was written by Diablo Cody.  And my weirded-out reaction morphed into the long-time-coming ode to Women's History Month... before it is April and we have to stop talking about Women for another 11 months starting on April Fool's Day.

If I had known Young Adult was written by Diablo Cody, I probably wouldn't have rented it.  I nearly had an allergic reaction to what's-that-movie's-name which Cody (Brook Busey) won a Screenwriting Oscar for back in... (thank god for google)... 2007.  It left such a bad taste in my mouth I haven't seen anything by her since.

Off to a good start with celebrating the achievements of women, huh?

Okay... so I more or less liked Young Adult... though the theme of women's worth ultimately revolving around ability and desire to procreate offends me. Afterwards, I ended up doing some old-fashioned web-surfing and discovered that Diablo Cody was raised Catholic.  I had a mini AHA! moment.

Then I had a mini WTF?! moment when I discovered her newest project.

It's about...

A fundamentalist young woman (hmmm) who grows up without a tv (check) and wearing skirts (only required for church & concerts) who loses her faith/has a crisis of faith (HHHmmmm) after she gets in an accident (wait a minute...?) ... okay... a plane accident that leaves her with major burn scars (car accident thankfully did not cause any burns!) and moves to Sin City/Vegas and .... ahem... finds her faith again? 

Okay.  I'll admit it:  It was a bit weird reading the synopsis for her upcoming movie after spending over four years feeding my rabid Hot4Jesus fans tidbits of my own former fundagelical life that I left behind soon after I moved to the big city and was in a car accident.

It makes it weirderer that Cody used to live and write in Minneapolis.  I used to appreciate her writing for the City Pages.  Yes, I thoroughly disliked Juno... but I appreciated Young Adult... and I appreciate that Cody sticks her neck out in a world that loves to pigeon-hole women.  My weirded-out moment subsided when I realized... probably tons of former fundie girls who grew up without a tv lost their faith in an accident. 

Purely coincidental!  

No really!  I mean it.

One thing I don't miss about my exFundagelical days is, believe it or not, believing that 'there is no such thing as a coincidence.'  It is mentally exhausting to be brought up in a culture that reads into patterns and number combinations and mundane events as Secret Signs of the Times and Coded Messages from the Spiritual Warfare Front.

(hmmmm.... sounds like some heathen hippies I know)

For a good year or so after my accident and deconversion, via habits of a lifetime, I read into things in a way that allowed me to be agnostic about the possibility of a Larger Consciousness/ SubConciousness/ Connectedness.  Thankfully it tapered off and I say Good Riddance!

There IS such a thing as coincidence and social milieus.  I'm not about to attempt to prove it, mathematically or such... but the world is small and the world is huge.  In the grand scheme of things, this blog is a cliche.  So be it.

So... I'm looking forward to Diablo Cody's Yet To Be Titled movie (Lamb of God apparently didn't make it pass the head-honchos).  She's directing it ... and goodness gracious, in this world we NEED more female directors in Hollywood... I don't care what they are directing.  I'm especially looking forward to it because, apparently, the young lady RETURNS to her faith... which is one thing I cannot imagine ever doing.
In the meantime, I cannot highly enough recommend the movie "Higher Ground" directed by, and starring, Vera Farmiga.  CANNOT RECOMMEND IT HIGHLY ENOUGH!

Got that? Good. 

While writing this, I've discovered that it is based on the memoir "This Dark World" by Carolyn S. Briggs.  Many parts were too close for comfort... but done so beautifully and in such a trusting, honest manner that the flashbacks to my own first, second and third tastes of Belief as a child of the '70s, '80s and '90s were more cathartic than painful.

As usual, the hymns and gospel songs always hit me where it hurts and were the most difficult to hear... in part because I couldn't help but sing along.  Music causes some pretty intense and unwelcome flashbacks.  ARGHHH. How embarrassing.  So cool to be that chick who has hymn lyrics pop into her head ... while drinking beer.

And speaking of Coincidence... the turning point towards faith comes in the form of... a car accident.  I've long said, my accident was a catalyst.  Something like Newtons 1st Law of Motion.  No... maybe his second Law?  Hell... to be on the safe side, let's just say all Three Laws of Motion are relevant.

3. For every accident that sends a person away from faith, there is an accident that hurtles someone toward more extreme faith. 

1. A person will keep moseying along in their belief system until acted on by an external force.

2. ERGGG. Um. It takes more muscle to move a big stone the same distance and same speed as a little stone? Go ask Jesus about that one.

The movie was so good that it probably ruined the book for me.  Vera is a thinking woman's actress and I'm thankful that she had the intelligence and thespian guts to do this movie.  It's more than just about belief, but about outdated female roles that religion accentuates while the outside world claims to have moved past such sexist silliness.

As we are learning, slowly, I hope, the outside world has NOT moved past its silly sexist expectations and movies like this can hopefully be a good reminder why we DON'T want to go back to the way things were. It's always disturbing to see women not only live in, but promote outdated sexist rules and regulations... but this movie hopefully helps some outsiders of religion better understand that when you're in it... surrounded by it... believing it... immersed in it... that women like Michele Bachmann might make a little more sense.

The way the secular library becomes a safe haven for her awakening... Been There!  The accuracy of the clothes worn and the discussion about what women can wear... Yes! Perfect!... I still have some of my home-made dresses in my closet.  The awkward transition of the 1970s Hippie Jesus Movement into the stifling 1980s... Spot On!  The many, many, many moments of mixed messages given by men, from a woman's point of view... Pure Gold.... and unfortunately Too Accurate. Watch it!!!

There is a book and author I wanted to talk about in this post, but I'm even boring myself at this point.  I may have to talk about her in a month not designated to the Herstory of Women.  Are you okay with that?

(Not that I care what my minions think... mwhahahaha).


krissthesexyatheist said...

first of all, Jesus must have had hella corns and calluses on his feet with all that walking, ya know. I would nevah let any of my ladies (not that there are any lately) kiss my dirty hard feet like that-respect yo. Secondly..the park in San Francisco that the Hunky Jesus contest happens in was just renovented. I haven't heard of "it" happening this year, yet. Lastly, and thirdly, or is that thirdly and lastly...hope all is well, homie.


Dr. Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, M.D. said...

We know, don't we, we A-L-L must succumb to our demise someday at sometime. That da fak, Jak -Bill Murray. Even atheists will accept THAT. However, you can deny God all you wish even till death, friend, yet that still doesn't deny the Final Judgment God proclaims to U.S. on how well YOU have lived this meeesly, earthly, finite existence. Better turn around and join Christianity... or you're more-than-likely to take the LEFT path into Hell. I'm just Warning you, dude. Not trying to judge you or nthn. I love you and I would GREATLY like to see you Upstairs for eternity at my BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for maaany eons. But, alas, your choice. Jesus does NOT interfere with your free-will (though, He'll send you a gobba choices). God bless you. See ya soon --- PS the Warning shall come soon, girl. The Warning comes directly from God, Warning each one of U.S. of our sins. We must repent to make Heaven. If not, your choice.

Christine Vyrnon said...

Yay For Comments!