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Friday, October 26, 2012

Behold! A Virgin Shall Conceive: The Christian Tradition of Legitimizing Rape

I finally figured it out. I finally understand why all these Republicans are getting by with going on and on and on and on about how pregnancies from rape are no big deal and should not be reason for the woman/rapee to choose abortion.

BIG FAT ASIDE: Doesn't it bother anyone that we are even having this conversation since abortion is a legal choice of the impregnated woman regardless of whether it is a result of rape or a busted condom? The fact that they can have this discussion trying to get rid abortions in all cases suggests we've moved so far to the right that... wait… why are we even  discussing the legality of abortion period, much less abortions as a Normal and Healthy response to extremely traumatizing scenarios?  That we've become that desensitized to how far right we've gone that we're willing to even debate this to begin with… well… it is just plain silly.

Soooo. Top 5 or 6 or 7 Reasons Why the Choice of Abortion as a Healthy Response to Rape or Incest is NOT an Option (according to many Republican men and holier-than-thou women) :

#1.  She was asking for it and the pregnancy is a reminder that she shouldn't be so friendly/slutty. 
#2.  The rape wasn't legit... ala Akin. If she didn’t want to be raped, every inch of her body would have fought back harder… including her uterus and the egg would have kicked the sperm’s butt to the curb. 
#3.  She wanted to get preggers then decided against it and now she wants an abortion. So convenient.  Women are wishy-washy and notoriously don’t know what they want. 
#4.  Remind me why we are even having this discussion?!
#5.  Mary, Mother of Jesus, was raped. It is an honor to bear a child resulting from rape.
#6.  Men in power and self-righteous women know what’s best for.... Woahhhhhh Horsey! What was that last one?!

#5.  Mary, Mother of Jesus, was raped. Bearing children that come from rape is as Christian as you can get.

Okay. Now it is time to move into Roman Numerals.
Some theories/myths/stuff Freethinkers and atheists think up:
 Mary was raped by a Roman soldier. This is one of the oldest heresy shockers pushed by evil Jews and even more evil Pagans who weren't all that thrilled about what was being pushed down their throats. This is an old-school myth. Some atheists are especially attached to this one because it is so easy to process. And they have proof. Sorta. It's written down ... in this stack of papers... somewhere. One accompanying theory goes that Mary was so traumatized by the rape that she reinvented her life and the story of her son's birth just to deal with the pain... which people definitely do. I do like that perspective on the theory. OR Mary was a temple virgin prostitute/priestess, which was also common practice, and whether raped or as a result of a ritual gone awry, the child had a holy beginning.
Joseph hooked up with/raped Mary outside of wedlock (Mary was a child even by today's standards… about 12 years old) ... and had to smooth things over.  The smoothing-over story got a little out of hand, but 2000 years later, no one is worse for the wear, right? Take that asshole preacher, Jack Schaap, who took that girl over state lines so having sex with her would be legal. It's within Christian tradition.  Get used to it already.
God impregnated Mary. This theory is totally legit because G/gods have been impregnating human female virgins for eons, and Christianity needed to latch onto something familiar among the gentiles, so viola! Now, considering the power dynamic, in today's world, a gazillion year old, all-powerful man who has sex with a barely tweenager... well that is pretty much always considered rape. It's not like she had a choice. So if God comes knocking... it doesn't matter if you're 13, 14, 15, 26, 65, 78... you take it... and you like it... or pretend to like it. It's not like you have a choice. Sure, go ahead and act humble and honored that he wants to knock you up, but we 21st century ladies know too much about power dynamics to not scoff at the assumption that any teenager would choose to have sex with an immortal.

Shit. Twilight Series! Damn. Nevermind.

So God meets Girl. Sounds like a Rom-Com for the ages. And it is. Christianity needed to get in on it. They were relative latecomers.

Late-comers. Heh heh.
Okay.  Let's go back to the whore thing. There is no such thing as rape among prostitutes, right?

Wrong. Even if Mary was a whore, sex workers can experience rape... and back in the day when there was barely such a thing as rights for sex workers, I'm guessing non-consensual sex happened frequently.  And they were considered prostitutes, sluts, and whores because ultimately women who practiced any form of goddess worship as a priestess, which is a common theory about both Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, were easily targeted and demonized by the early Christian church once the translations reinvented them into Literal Virgin and Literal Slut.  Goddess priestess became synonymous with prostitute, regardless of how accurately this may have or not have reflected their rituals as female-wisdom worshipers. 

Point being… Mary, whether a barely consenting tween smitten and coerced into sex by an an all-powerful god or raped by a Roman soldier, Joseph or by a john… point being… Christian tradition is rooted in pregnancies carried to term as a result of rape or barely able to consent sex. 

And before I bore you any further… though I had my AHA! moment and typed this out before this Onion article beat me to the punch, I currently live internet-free… so beating The Onion to the punch is an impossibility.  Go ahead.  Doubt the veracity of my brilliant insights.  Once the Onion points out the obvious, all the rest is just commentary. 

At the very least, I hope this has helped you better understand how this Rape-is-a-legit-way-to-get-pregnant mentality is nothing new under the Christian sun.


krissthesexyatheist said...

I thought #2 had some magic or something involved. Did he ever explain the mechanism of his ancient and biblical thingie doodle, mmm, statement. I lost my train of thought...awesome


Infidel753 said...

Notice how #1, #2, and #3 all make the birth essentially a punishment for something. This isn't really about protecting fetuses or mistaking them for full-fledged humans. It's about punishing and regulating female behavior.

As for God and Mary, it never occurred to me before, but yeah, that's one heck of a power imbalance.

Riverwolf, said...

Honestly, I had never thought that much about Mary's pregnancy--but you're absolutely right--she was raped! And now that I realize this, I'm shocked at how blind most everyone is to this. So basically, at Christmas, everyone--EVERYONE--is celebrating the rape of an underage girl.

Think about it: Most pastors will tell you Jesus DECIDED to sacrifice his life and die on the cross and that any point he could've said, "Sorry, but I'm done here." Yet no one ever talks about Mary's decision to bear Jesus. Why? God decided, the Spirit impregnated her and Angel said, "Hey Mary, by the way..."

The more distance I get from Christianity, the crazier it becomes.

northierthanthou said...

Conservative Christian = Dissonance Reduction specialists

northierthanthou said...

Gotta watch out for the damned onion! ...though I may like your post better in the end.