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Friday, February 1, 2013

Ode to the Jesus Beard

I'm lucky to have a friend who sends me pics and links via text message throughout the week... and they always seems to catch me when I need a Pick-Me-Up. Sometimes they are cute kitty pics, sometimes e-cards along the lines of "i need a fucking drink," sometimes links to fascinating blogs (Beardboy), and sometimes NSFW pics of hot guys who know how to wear a beard.

Bart and I have similar tastes in men, and he is my date to the 2013 Minnesota Beard-Off. To get everyone primed for next week's (Saturday, February 9th) festivities at First Ave., here is an ode to a good friend who is always game to drooling over pics of hot men while drinking mimosas or beer. I don't have any identifying info about who is in these photos, but if you recognize one of these men, please... tell him to give me a holler and we'll work out a method of reimbursement for using his face on this blog.

Jesus never tires of hearing your life story.

Jesus doesn't want to wear the pants in this relationship.

Jesus being a drama queen.

Back Porch Jesus. enough said.

 Thanks, Bart!  I seriously could not have created this blog post without you!!!

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Leah said...

I'm sending this to my gay priest!