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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coffee-Talk on Jay Bakker and George Beverly Shea: Round-up of Today's Good News & Christian Gossip

Jay Bakker: Today Jay Bakker announced via Twitter the new location for his new Minneapolis Revolution church-bar: Bryant Lake Bowl.

Bryant Lake Bowl: Jay Bakker moved to Minnesota for this... to be where all the cool kids hang out.
I know I swore I'd not set foot in his Minneapolis church, but he picked a place I won't be able to avoid.  BLB and I go way back, like it does with every other 1st-wave hipster around these parts.  I've pulled a groin muscle bowling there, read countless newspapers over coffee before the interwebs hit the phone, scribbled piles and piles of crap in notebooks there, made it a pit-stop from my bike-ride home from the library, morning-after brunched with at least one hot bearded man there, attended numerous shows supporting friends in the back room/theatre (where the church will most likely meet) and witnessed the old-school Minneapolis hipster movement turn into boring couples with their kids while we all rolled our eyes at the subsequent waves of hipsters who cram into the door.  I love that place, though I'm also well-versed in a number of reasons to hate that place... mainly... the fucking hipsters.

Bryant Lake Bowl will forever be that place where I met an old friend from childhood back in 1999, before I moved to The Cities, and I witnessed her order a Bloody Mary... for lunch... in the middle of the week!!?!  Shocking for the little teetotaler me at the time. All downhill from there.

Bryant Lake Bowl was also the place that I attended the show that I reviewed here in 2010: Get Mad At Sin! in which one man performed verbatim an entire vintage sermon by Jimmy Swaggart.  It was awesome.

So, ironically, Jay will be preaching/meeting in the same theatre space where a Jimmy Swaggart impersonator kicked Sin's ass.  Also, likely in an apropos tribute to his mother, Tammy Faye, the first service will be on Mother's Day.

I wish Jay Bakker luck.  No doubt he'll have more than this back-slidden Baptist to answer to around that part of Uptown.  I also wish myself luck in not having a boozy brunch turn into a, "OhMyGod! I've been harassing you online like, FOREVER! Can you sign the screen of my smartphone with this sharpie?! OMG! You're shorter in person than on Twitter.  I bet you get that ALL the time. Can I buy you and your lady friend/sister wife a derinck?" fiasco.

Seriously.  Nipping that shit in the bud before it happens.

George Beverly Shea: George Beverly kicked the bucket yesterday.  I grew up on his music and testimonies.  He was in Billy Graham's travelling sideshow... aptly dubbed the Billy Graham Crusades.

It should have been called The Billy and George Beverly Show.

Music sticks in your psyche the way sermons never will.  Or at least for me, the daughter of musicians who loved George Beverly Shea's music... the music stays long after the rest fades.  The songs of his that I remember best: I'd Rather Have Jesus and How Great Thou Art.

Despite my half-assed hipster facade, you're looking at a woman who used to spend hours and hours and hours standing at the piano and/or Hammond organ (we had 2 of each in our home at one point) turning the pages for my mother and then my sister and singing hymns and gospel songs while other kids my age watched Transformers and Rainbow Bright and Friends.

The music of George Beverly Shea and his ilk shaped the first 26 years of my life.  You don't forget that shit.  I've said it before, and will say it again... MUSIC is one of the most effective indoctrination tools out there.  Be Selective.  That shit can make or break your entire philosophy on life.  The emotions people attach to music, regardless of the situation, are nearly impossible to break free from. Like scents that bring back floods and waves of memories, good and bad, Music does the same thing.  George Beverly Shea singing "The Old Rugged Cross" is in my brain for life.  Thanks a lot, mom and dad!

In other news: Billy Graham is not yet dead. Pretty sure the world will end when that happens.  Baby Boomer Born-Againers will Not be able to carry on without him.  True story. You heard it here first. Sign of the fucking times.


Ruby Leigh said...

I still find myself breaking out into my favorite old Christian songs.

I'm almost to curious for my own good and want to check out this church - just to see what it is like.

Christine Vyrnon said...

Curiosity killed that cat, Ruby!!! Don't give into temptation! (But if you do... let me know... we'll go together:)

northierthanthou said...

Funny how traces of your past never leave you, even when you've said 'no', so to speak.