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Thursday, July 17, 2014

DOBSON'S AUTHOR'S NOTE: Spiritual Warfare and Dog Whistles

Since FATHERLESS (2013) is co-written with Kurt Bruner, the “Author’s Note” may be the ONLY thing James Dobson actually wrote by himself. But let’s not quibble about the true authorship of a Book (ahem).

I wish I could quote the entire thing and observe the unhinging of jaw to the floor.

Or hear your laugh.

“A happy home is the highest expression of God’s image on earth. And there are forces working to destroy that image, not all of them visible to human eyes. Marriage and parenthood echo heaven, something hell can’t abide.”

In a page and a half, Dobson mentions those invisible forces five times. 
  1.  “…forces working to destroy that image, not all of them visible to human eyes."
  2. “…unwittingly confronting forces much darker than I knew.
  3. “I don’t pretend to comprehend what occurs in the unseen realm”
  4. “…what C.S. Lewis called ‘enemy-occupied territory’” 
  5.  “…the most ardent forces of hell…”
Spiritual warfare is exhausting. For now – that’s all you need to know.
Ron Dicianni's "Spiritual Warfare"
Also - Dobson operates at ExpertLevel when cloaking racist, sexist code in dog-whistle terminology. An example:

“What happens in a world where growing up with the protective love of a father becomes the exception rather than the norm? Today’s inner-city poverty and violence give us a foretaste of how deeply and widely those ripples will extend.”

The above excerpt
Number 1. Offers up some fighting words assumptions about inner-city life. Dobson only wants to believe what works for his oversimplified ChristianGOP racist and sexist fantasies. 
Number 2. Attempts to remove Dobson’s privileged white ass off the hook for any shock-waves of institutionalized racism he actively participates in – and teaches other Americans to actively participate in. It’s all about the lack of fathers in the inner city – nothing to do with generations of past and present American racism.

Next he describes how the world’s population has been falling because the family structure is failing and things will get as bad as the Black Plague – and the repercussions will be Catastrophic.

  • Hypocrite Alert: Dobson is worried about the world population. He spawned two children. His coauthor spawned four children. Add that up and it is still less than the number of children my parents had.
I grew up on Dystopian porn – it’s what I call the Book of Revelation and End Times Death Cults. People go about their daily life – loving, laughing, ‘living for Christ’ – and waiting, waiting, waiting AND HOPING AND PRAYING for it all to come to an end any minute, any day.

In a nutshell, the premise for 3 entire novels: Not enough (white) children (with permanently married hetero parents) are being born which will cause a world-wide meltdown of the 1950s way of life.

Bright side? He has set the time of this book twenty+ years into the future – which suggests Christ hasn’t returned yet. Though fundagelicals love to write EndTimes porn (Thief in the Night/Left Behind, et al.) – this novel is set PRE PreTribulation Rapture.

We’ve Got TIME on our hands to Fix This Mess! Thank goodness Dobson is warning us!!

Some might not think Dobson is still relevant. For me - he’s very relevant.

Here’s where my own ‘prophetic’ warning comes in: James Dobson brainwashed generations of parents and children who are now parents and grandparents. It will be quite some time before we exorcise him out of our system - but exorcise him we must…

At the very least – I must exorcise him from myself.

Upcoming FATHERLESS post will cover Chapts 1-5.


Infidel753 said...

a world where growing up with the protective love of a father becomes the exception rather than the norm

This is probably a swipe at gay (lesbian) marriage as well.

As for "protective love", let's not get into how fundamentalist propaganda about discipline encourages child abuse.

Christine Vyrnon said...

Infidel754 - ABSOLUTELY it encompasses a special jab at families consisting of two women as parents. I'm (not) looking forward to seeing how he describes this future world that consists of (Loving) same-gendered parents. And yes - good point- 'protective love' covers a lot of sins as far as family discipline goes - especially seeing fathers everywhere have the Biblical Father to hold up as a I'm-doing-this-for-your-own-good example.
Thanks for commenting!

anjanette said...

I just can't get over the belief that having a mother and father is inherently much better for children than any other scenario - what if the father is a total ass? What if there's an abusive parent, or two? What if mom and dad hate each other but refuse to get divorced? Children suffer in those situations and the damage lasts a really long time.

My second thought is that these invisible sources of evil have to be gloryholes (most definitely inner-city ones).

Ahab said...

Anjanette makes a good point. Dobson and his ilk fail to realize that having two opposite sex parents do not automatically make for healthy families. Abuse, neglect, and family dysfunction are all too real for many so-called "traditional" families.

The measuring stick for whether families are health should be whether family members treat each other with respect and have important needs met -- NOT the presence of two opposite sex married parents.

Eric said...

It's Book of Revelation, not "Book of Revelations".

Christine Vyrnon said...

Thanks Eric.